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Centre for self development

Fragrance of the enlightenment


Centre for self development has been working with schools by conducting workshops for more than 10 years. These workshops were designed, for students to develop the source of eternal 'happiness' within.


To create a direct mailer, persuasive enough, targeting school principals for conducting workshop in their school.


We developed a book shaped innovative mailer which clearly communicates positive transformation the workshop brings to the attendee. It also emphasises fulfillment of the gap in current education system thereby attending to the worries of parents and faculties regarding 'out of curriculum' development of children. We also placed a scented candle which resembled the way students will perfume the world with their talent after enlightenment. This mailer was also comprised with a small booklet, where testimonials of the students undergone this workshop and experienced the transformation. This mailer was handed over to principals by organisation. After receiving the fragrance of the enlightenment, 90% of schools were consented to give workshop a try in school.