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Larsen & Toubro

Safety & Awareness Campaign

At Pithampur plant, Larsen & Toubro produces steel components for a range of power transmission line towers. The plant is equipped with the latest CNC lines for fabrication of towers and eco-friendly systems for galvanization of tower members.

While performing heaviest of bends with the heavy-duty machines, everyone in the premises should remain safe. To spread the awareness of safety, we hammered them 'Safety Campaign'. The majority of Hindi speaking employees, forced to stick with Hindi. And we communicated through the campaign thought- Suraksha Aapki, Kartavya Hamara. It was followed by a 3d character named 'Babbu'. As a reminder of safety, we designed installations of different messages with 'Babbu' and planted over the relevant passages in the premises.


Posters/ BTL Activity/ Venue Branding/ Safety & Awareness Campaign/ Infographics/ Presentations/ Billboards etc.